Scholarship Winners

2022 Marks Year Inaugural Winners are Chosen to Win First Two Scholarships!

These scholarships are to honor Mike’s and Sam’s lives, their commitment to friendship and teamwork, and to help future West Genesee graduates reach their dreams.

We were truly blown away by each and every applicant that we received interest from.  Each and every individual truly portrayed characteristics that Mike and Sam valued, and we know that each applicant will go far in life.  However, two individuals truly embodied what Sam and Mike were all about – helping the underdog.

This year, we were grateful to welcome into the WG 14 Foundation Family – Elizabeth Sachar and Joe Snyder!  Both of these individuals will make this world just a little bit brighter – we just know it!  Cheers to Elizabeth and Joe and we are cheering them on as they journey through their college years and their lives.  We are here for you!

One of the winners of the scholarships, Joe Snyder, let us know what it meant to him to be one of the winners of the first two scholarships:

“Dear WG 14 Foundation,

College is going great so far! I am really enjoying my time at RIT, although I do miss my family and friends back home….Winning the WG 14 Scholarship was a huge honor especially because I personally knew Sam Griffo. Knowing that I represented some of the same qualities that Sam and Mike had shared, made me very proud. Winning the scholarship was financially helpful with me attending RIT. I am so grateful and honored to have been awarded this scholarship. I look forward to supporting the WG 14 Foundation in the near future.

Thank you again for everything, I look forward to attending the fundraiser once Thanksgiving rolls around.

Sincerely, Joe Snyder”

To download the 2023 Scholarship Application, click here.